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If you want to alter the way you view any website, from the size of text to the colour of hyperlinks, you can change some of the options in your internet browser. These settings should work on most websites but they won't affect images on the screen.

To change the size of the Text:

Microsoft Internet Explorer users:
select 'View', then 'Text size', then select desired size. (Medium is the optimum choice for viewing this site)

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select 'View', 'Text size (100%), then select desired size. 'Text size (100%) is the default original text size. If you have problems changing your settings, use the Help menu in your browser toolbar.


Some of our documents/publications are available from the website as Adobe® Acrobat® PDF files (Portable Document Format). You must have Acrobat Reader® software to download pdf files which is freely available from If you experience any difficulty opening a pdf file, please check that you have downloaded the latest version of the Acrobat Reader® software before contacting us.

You may also have to enable pop-ups for this site on your browser to view text documents.

Last updated: 2016